New AWS Certifications - Advanced Networking, Security, Big Data

預期的,AWS 果然出現了新的 Certifications,都是 Specialty Level:


三張目前都是 Beta,考試條件:

  • 至少要有其中一張 AWS Certified Associate Level
  • 三張都是 Specialty Level
  • 最好有五年以上的相關經驗
  • 目前 Beta 考試費用為 150 美金,正式版 300 美金
  • 考試時間為 3 小時



AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty


  • Develop and implement infrastructure automation
  • Design, implement, and optimize routing architectures (including static and dynamic)
  • Design, implement, and optimize multi-region solutions for a global enterprise
  • Design, implement, and optimize highly available connectivity solutions (e.g., DX, VPN)
  • Relate the nuances of AWS networking to integration of AWS services


  • 著重在 Networking infrastructure 部分,規劃、實作、最佳化等。動態路由、靜態路由等。
  • 跨地域的與全球網路架構的規劃、實作、最佳化等。區域性,和全球性的網路架構有截然不同的考量。
  • 針對網路 HA 的規劃、實作、最佳化等,像是 VPN、DX
  • 跟 AWS 相關的網路整合,像是 VPN

AWS Certified Security – Specialty


  • Implement AWS Solutions with enterprise security packages, identity management, and federation systems
  • Understand compliance and security standards including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and HIPAA
  • Advise customers on architectures meeting industry standards such as SAS70, SOC1, FISMA
  • Implement security controls around ERP packages including SAP and Oracle


  • 用 AWS Solutions 實作企業資安、認證識別管理、認證串接系統
  • 了解相關的資安工業標準,像是 PCI DSS、ISO 27001、HIPAA
  • 可以針對架構提供客戶符合工業標準,像是 SAS70、SOC1、FISMA
  • 實作安全管控,像是 ERP 相關的,像是 SAP, Oracle 的產品。

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

  • Implement core AWS Big Data services according to basic architectural best practices
  • Understand how to properly control access to secure data
  • Understand the frameworks that underpin the large scale distributed systems like Hadoop/Spark and MPP data warehouses
  • Design scalable and cost effective architecture to process data


  • 具備 AWS Big Data 相關服務的核心實作能力,包含基礎架構與最佳實踐原則
  • 了解做資料適當的安全管控
  • 如何利用 Framework,像是 Hadoop/Spark, MPP 等,支撐超大的分散式架構
  • 了結如何為資料處理設計最佳的 Scalable 和預算最佳化

AWS Certifications Roadmap

增加了這三張之後,AWS Certifications Roadmap 變成如下:

圖檔來源:AWS Certification


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