AWS Application Load Balancer

新聞來源:New – AWS Application Load Balancer

Application Load Balancers support content-based routing, and supports applications that run in containers. They support a pair of industry-standard protocols (WebSocket and HTTP/2) and also provide additional visibility into the health of the target instances and containers. Web sites and mobile apps, running in containers or on EC2 instances, will benefit from the use of Application Load Balancers.

  • Content-Based Routing: 可以像設計 web routing 一樣,做 url mapping,像是 /api 就到指定的 group1, /payment 到特定的 group2
  • Support for Container-Based Applications: 針對 ECS 特定的 task 設計的 (幫 ECS 做廣告)
  • Support for Additional Protocols & Workloads: 這是重頭戲, support WebSocket and HTTP/2!!!
  • Better Metrics: 有更多東西,當然 CloudWatch 要跟上才行



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