Git Notes

Git 學習筆記。

Git Config

update personal information in: ~/.gitconfig, as below:

name = Rick Hwang
email =

Clone repository from bitbucket or github

  1. git clone https://${bitbucket or github}/${account}/${repository}.git
  2. put a file to gtcafe folder.
  3. git status shows git status, you will see the unstaged files in red.
  4. git add , check git status again, will be staged status.
  5. git commit -m 'comment' commit the file to local
  6. repeat step (2) - (5)

push the data to remote

  1. git remote -v: list remote repository
  2. git remote add origin
  3. list remote repository again
  4. git push origin master: push to master branch in origin

    origin is an alias name, you can specify the suitable one to recoginze.

Create a branch

  1. git branch -v shows the branch list
  2. git branch v0.2.x creates a branch named v0.2.x
  3. git checkout v0.2.x switch branch to v0.2.x
  4. update one of files, commit
  5. create a new file, commit, and push: git push orogin v0.2.x
  6. switch to master branch git checkout master, check the new file if existing

Create a tag

  1. git tag shows tag list
  2. git tag -a v0.1.x create a tag named v0.1.x in local
  3. git push orogin v0.1.x push local tag to remote
# Sync the branch
git push <remote> <branch>

## How to reset a file which was modified?
git checkout -- {filename}

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