Support IPv6 in VPC

AWS 終於支援 IPv6,目前只在新的 Region - Ohio (us-east-2) 可以使用。

IPv6 in the Cloud: Virtual Private Cloud Deep Dive (NET307), Slideshare 有詳細說明。整理一些筆記。


  • 在建立 VPC 時多了 IPv6 CIDR ,可以選擇 Amazon provided IPv6 CIDR block
  • 建立 Subnet 時可以設定 IPv6 CIDR,但是 mask 是固定 /64
  • IPv6 都是 public IP address,所以 EC2 將沒有 public / private 之分。
    • 進出封包管控都透過 Security Groups and Network ACLs
    • 多了一種新 Gateway: Egress-Only Internet Gateway (EGW) - 允許 outbound,但是禁止 income packets. 有點像是 NAT Gateway。
  • NAT64: NAT64 is an IPv6 transition mechanism that facilitates communication between IPv6 and IPv4 hosts by using a form of network address translation (NAT)

相關 AWS Services

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